Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Insulating the home with a spray foam insulation is a decision that you’ll be glad that you made. There are a multitude of benefits of this simple addition, which you can call any home contractor to perform for just a few dollars. Before we discuss the benefits, why not get to know a bit more about this material?

Spray foam is made from isocyanate and polyurethane. These two materials expand and harden wear a protective barrier is added to the area that it is applied. There are a couple of types of spray foam insulation. This is the open-cell foam and closed-cell foam. Open-cell is the most commonly used during Pittsburgh spray foam insulation because it is the least expensive of the options and more effective.

Pittsburgh spray foam insulation

Now, as far as the benefits that come when you use spray foam, you won’t be disappointed with the things that come your way after the addition. First, it insulates the home amazingly and far better than many of the other types of insulation out there.  It carries an R-6 ranking, is air-tight, and perfectly seals the area.

As you might expect with an air-tight seal, you also reduce the energy consumption that is used, thus increasing the energy costs that you pay. No one enjoys paying the electric company a ton of money to heat and cool the home, and this is one easy way that you can eliminate those expensive costs. Studies show that this insulation can provide about 50% energy savings!

The insulator deters model and that is always one of the best benefits of all. Mold causes many health concerns, stinks, and has many other harmful effects. The worry is lessened with this addition. And, its long lifespan always makes you smile because you know that you are making a good investment for your home.