What are the Benefits of Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding debuted in the early 1960s and has provided aesthetic appeal and beauty to homes throughout St. Louis since that time. It is one of the most popular siding options and is installed on homes because it offers so many advantages.  When it is time for siding installation St louis on your home, the advantages of vinyl are sure to sway you in its direction. What are those advantages?

Cost Effective

Many homeowners choose vinyl because it is the most cost-effective of the options. It costs as little as $2,000 to install but usually no more than $10,000 while other materials start at installation prices of about $5,500!


Versatility is an important quality of any product that you purchase. When vinyl is on the purchase list, versatility is in the bag. You can easily complement the current decor of your home or add a totally new look thanks to the hundreds of colors, styles, and textures available.


Wind is always a threat to the home, especially if there isn’t a strong, durable material holding it together. Hail is another threat, and of course other severe damage is possible. Vinyl is moisture resistant, so there is less risk of corrosion or algae buildup.

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Vinyl has an average lifetime of about 50 years. It is affordable and with this long-lasting durability, the value exceeds all expectations. Check the longevity with other types of materials and you’ll discover this material is as long-lasting as it gets!


Some siding materials require a ton of maintenance to keep them looking great. This is not one of those materials. It is resistant to pests, moisture, and other forms of damage so you always get a great value with the purchase. A little power washing is all that it takes to keep it looking great.